Laser diode driver with TEC - YSLDU01115X-14-HS

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YSLDU01115X-14 is a low noise laser diode driver with integrated TEC, designed for 14 pin butterfly laser diodes with Pump (Type 1) and Telecom (Type 2) pinouts.

  • Low noise LD driver with low PPM maintains stable laser parameters over the wide temperature range.
  • Fully digital design is making easy to control, tune, optimize and tweak laser output parameters.
  • Wide range of integrated protections provides stable workflow over the unpredicted hazards.
  • Cross-platform and easy to use software allows to control laser parameters from the operating system of your choice.
  • Industry proven SCPI command set provides easy integration to existing infrastructure or building new setups with non-standard requirements.
  • Low-cost heatsink version for easy OEM integration.

Available configurations:

Partnumber Power (LD/TEC) LD pinout LD included
YSLDU01115P-14-HS 1.5A/1.5A Pump (Type 1) no
YSLDU01115T-14-HS 1.5A/1.5A Telecom (Type 2) no
General specifications
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Parameter Value
Data interface USB 2.0, galvanically isolated
Protocol SCPI compliant / CDC (ACM)
LD socket 14 pin Butterfly Type 1 (Pump) and Butterfly Type 2 (Telecom), depends on model
Power 5V, 3A
Power connector DC, 5.5mm outside dia, 2.5mm center pin connected to +
Power safety features Overvoltage, undervoltage, reverse polarity protections
Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C
Storage temperature -40 to +70 °C
Dimensions 132mm x 80mm x 18.1mm
Note: Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise.
Laser diode driver specifications
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Parameter Value
Control mode CC (constant current) or CP (constant power) via software loop
Current control range 0 to 1.5A
Resolution 100 µA
Accuracy ±(0.1% + 500 µA)
Output voltage LD <3.3V
Current limit setting range 5mA to 1.5A
Current limit resolution 100 µA
Current limit accuracy ±0.5%
Temperature coefficient <100 ppm/°C
Laser safety features Soft start, overtemperature, overcurrent, overvoltage protections

TEC specifications
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Parameter Value
Control range Cooling 1.5A, heating 700mA
Compliance voltage Cooling 2.5V, heating 2.2V
Thermistor measurement range 1 Ω to 100 kΩ
Temperature control range 0 °C to +50 °C
Temperature resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature control accuracy ±0.2 %
Temperature stability (24h) ±0.01 °C
TEC safety features Overtemperature, overcurrent, overvoltage protections